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Website Copy


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Freshly brewed

Website Copy

Tell me if you see this with your website...

    Just like the smell of good coffee, it attracts a ton of organic traffic and people love reading and consuming your content.
    Carefully separates good beans from the bad, stacking up qualified leads while keeping out the freebie hunters.
    Just like the freshly brewed coffee shop down the street, your website generates sales every single time you make an offer.
    Helps build relationship with customers , upping their value and preparing them for the next step in their journey with your brand.

NO? Let me take a guess...

  • Your website looks and feels dated, and most of the content seems so unrelated to what you do.
    Even you dozed-off while trying to read through a couple of pages.
    You invested over $10,000+ from your hard-earned savings and got this shiny new website. But you still have the content from the late 1990s.
    You have more opt-in forms on your website than the leads you get every day.


Okay Listen. This is not how it's supposed to be.


Your website is like a good coffee shop. It's smells attract customers from far and wide. People queue up behind the counters with open wallets and hang around with open hearts. Just like the coffee shop, your website is a very powerful marketing, sales and PR tool!

The good news?

Your coffee shop doesn't need to have air-conditioning, live concert, 50-60 coffee tables, and a mini-battalion of waiters.

You just need a couple of tables for people to sit, and serve some breathtakinly amazing coffee!

You just need a website with two or three pages.

And just like the coffee shop, serve your customers with your breathtakingly amazing products or services!




Website Copy

Smells Fresh. Connects. Moves.

Freshly Brewed Website Copy is my tailor-made copywriting service that delivers your business it truly deserves. A website that smells fresh, instantly connects with your visitors and readers, and moves people to take action.

You Don't Just Get A Copywriter

Instead you get me to be a part of your team. You get to spend time with me as I work with you and the rest of your team to brew a website copy that screams YOU, but in style.

How Does This Work?

The quality of beans directly impacts your coffee business. I understand this, and that's why I work with you across multiple stages:

  1. 1
    Brand and Audience Discovery
  2. 2
    Your Brand Profile 
  3. 3
    Your Website Copy Crafting

And I understand that copy is an integral part of a website design. So you will get to access me for any inputs to your design team.



This is for you if..

  • You want a website that reflects your brand without losing focus  of what you have to offer.
  • You want your website to magically turn visitors to leads, and leads to sales without ever biting your tongue or having to sound salesy.
  • You want your website to not just look slick and shiny, but also shines a light on you and positions you as the expert you truly are.
  • You want your website to open the doors to newer opportunities.
  • Last but not the least, you want your website to be this giant magnet so you can attract the right people and build your tribe.


  • Stop tweaking endlessly hoping something would work.
  • Don't waste time playing with button colors because some expert told you using "Big Orange Buttons" can increase conversions.
  • Stop spending playing with keywords thinking SEO will do that magic.
  • Just stop spending money on web developers hoping a shiny new layout can help you position yourself as the expert.

⏳ It's Time to Change

Want fresh coffee? Use fresh beans!


But Who Am I?

and why should you trust me with your website?


Hi, I'm Karthik

I'm a storyteller, interviewer and copywriter.

I spent the first 15 years using storytelling to market and sell products.

Since 2016, I've interviewed and helped tell the stories of over 200+ influencers, experts and celebrities on my chart-topping podcast.

I understand what it means to not just tell a good story, but also hold people's attention at scale.

I've been using the art of persuasion and psychology for close to 15 years in my writings, emails and sales letters.


Thanks a ton for helping me narrate my story! Talking to you also helped me define the structure and focus for a TEDx talk.

Robin Singh
Co-founder Peepal Farm & E-Junkie

Karthik is a brilliant interviewer with great questions. I enjoyed every minute of the conversation and it was just brilliant. It felt more like a conversation with an old friend. I'd absolutely would recommend the show to everyone and have started to do so!

Rupa Ganatra Popat
Founder of FUTR Group, Advisor, Investor

I know your business is unique.

And I also know that you want your website to bring out that uniqueness, that along with the other elements, translates to leads and then sales.

I know this because I've been in your very shoes. I know what it means to have marketing, sales, design, copywriting, all come together. And I got you!


No matter which package you pick!


Brand & Audience Discovery

1. Know Your Brand

Interviews with important stakeholders with deep-dive questionnaires to help us understand your brand, what you stand for and what drives you. Also get questionnaire to document team profile.

2. Voice Of Customer Research

Create and execute targeted customer surveys to understand messaging, perception, insights and get testimonials that matter.

3. Audience Discovery

Create detailed profiles of your audience, demographics, psychographics, and personality

4. Digging For Gold (aka Messages)

Carefully dig into customer feedback, support emails, social media posts to look for your audience' desires, needs, fears, and concerns.

5. Competitive Analysis

A full-blown competitive analysis to understand your competitors' messaging, positioning, brand personality, identity and touch points.



A neat, beautifully designed docket that will serve as a handy guide to ensure consistency in voice for all future projects related to your brand.

This docket contains all findings and outcomes from the brand and audience discovery research.

The Docket Contents:

  1. Brand vision 
  2. Brand mission 
  3. Brand values
  4. Audience Persona
  5. Brand positioning
  6. Brand promise
  7. Unique Selling Point
  8. Core Benefits
  9. Objections + Hesitations
  10. Brand Voice 
  11. Brand Personality
  12. Bonus Messaging



You get an engaging, SEO-optimized website copy that doesn't just smell like freshly brewed coffee, but also gets more people scrolling and clicking through your content.

You get to pick the pages you'd like plus 2 free revisions of the copy.



You've got me when the rubber meets the road!

  1. You get a sitemap with clear page breakdown and titles based on all the research.
  2. I work with you or your extended design team for detailed direction so your copy is rendered flawlessly without compromising on user experience.

IT's Time To Pick Yours!

How many cups can I serve you?



3 Pages
You Get:
  • Brand & Audience Discovery
  • Brand Messaging Docket
  • Freshly Brewed Website Copy for 3 pages
  • Home Page
  • About Page
  • Work With Me Page



Coffee Pot

6 Pages
You Get:
  • Brand & Audience Discovery
  • Brand Messaging Docket
  • Freshly Brewed Website Copy for 6 pages (non-sales pages)
  • Home Page
  • About Page
  • Work With Me Page



I'm ready to book my package. What happens next?

  1. You'll receive a Welcome email from me with a link to your project Folio.
  2. We will connect on a Video Call to Kick-off the project. On this call I'll deep-dive into understanding your brand and business, audience, your offers, marketing.
  3. I will then get started with the Brand & Audience Discovery process. My goal here is to establish a very clear understanding of what your brand messaging is, your audience, and the gaps. I will be creating and sharing with you the Brand Messaging Docket for your brand, so you can review.
  4. With a reviewed Brand Messaging Docket in place, I will start brewing your concoction. Writing your web page copies.
  5. We go back and forth on any changes, while I also create Site Breakdown and page titles for your website.
  6. Finally I hand over your website copies, work with your design team to ensure your website is not just looking good, but also well set to attract tons of traffic!





3 Pages
You Get:
  • Brand & Audience Discovery
  • Brand Messaging Docket
  • Freshly Brewed Website Copy for 3 pages
  • Home Page
  • About Page
  • Work With Me Page



Coffee Pot

6 Pages
You Get:
  • Brand & Audience Discovery
  • Brand Messaging Docket
    Freshly Brewed Website Copy for 6 pages (except sales pages)
  • Home Page
  • About Page
  • Work With Me Page


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